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Wondering How To Choose The Best Recruitment CRM Software. Read This!

With the advent of cutting-edge technologies, every sector or industry’s workflow and business operations have been transformed, and the recruitment sector is no exception. Irrespective of business size or type, the recruitment process is similar and used by everyone to find talented candidates.

However, as today’s job market is becoming more and more competitive, the recruitment process is also getting more complicated for many businesses. So, how can businesses find the right candidate for their job profile? How can they keep candidates engage throughout their recruitment process? What steps need to be taken to provide the relevant, updated information to applicants?

These questions have one solution — candidate relationship management (CRM) software for the recruitment sector. A recruitment CRM can help businesses to:

  • Develop a network of talent applicants in a single, searchable database
  • Find, attract, cultivate, and monitor their candidates.
  • Have a one-stop-shop for their recruiting activities and provide them with tools to submit automated recruitment emails, administer qualification screenings, schedule interviews, and perform background checks.
  • Evaluate and act on the efficacy of their recruiting strategies through reports

In short, businesses can leverage CRM software for recruitment to find the right candidate and treat their applicants like customers, thereby improving their entire journey with them.

role of CRM

What is the role of CRM for the recruitment agency?

The CRM software for recruiters acts as a compact hub to help businesses optimize their performance and nurture their candidates to fill their positions quickly. They can manage an applicant’s journey right from when they apply to the day they start their new position. Furthermore, features such as reports and a dashboard can help them track the process, candidates, and other activities.

Along with this, companies can access the vast, extensive database created from a talented pool of candidates in the CRM for HR. They will have a centralized platform through which candidates can be narrow down for the further process. Based on the criteria set by companies, a different list of aspiring candidates can be viewed easily.

Using several features, the HR CRM software can promote any recruitment processes through its numerous workflows. These include automated emails, pre-employment screenings, candidate background checks, interview scheduling and amalgamation, delivery of digital offer letters, and so on. Alongside this, using the client portal in candidate relationship management software, companies can share candidate information, progress in assignments, & achievement of goals to build trust and improve their engagement with them.

Important documents such as person specification, application form, applicant’s resume, job description, and so on, need to be stored in a secured place. The CRM software for recruitment offers secured storage space for saving those important documents. The software takes a step further to ensure safety by providing controlled access. Only the admin has the power to grant document access to a particular user or a group of users.

key reasons

These are some of the key reasons that make CRM software for recruiters the best tool for managing various recruitment processes. However, the market is crowded with several CRM software, and picking the right one is challenging. We believe that businesses need to consider the below points when choosing the recruitment CRM:

Integration With Desired Online Channels 

We live in a more connected world because of the internet, and no two companies are alike. Therefore, businesses need to integrate all the tools they need in the CRM. The tool, when integrated with the desired online channels, can automatically capture applicants’ information smoothly. This reduces the manual work and saves time.

Customizing Option 

Regardless of industry or sector, most organizations use CRM to manage their daily activities. Therefore, the candidate relationship management systems should contain all the necessary features and customize them as per business needs. These include several functions, such as CV parsing, website integration, and job board management, etc.

easy to use

Ease of Use

One of the key factors to choose a CRM is to make sure everybody is happy with the way it is working. This means the software should be user-friendly and easy to operate for everybody. Furthermore, it is better to conduct training and offer support whenever possible. In this way, recruiters and HRs can familiarize themselves with the CRM.

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