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Why Email and SMS Reminders Are Necessary For Business?

It would be in the best of the worlds where all your clients attend all your meetings and that too on time. Yes, but in the best of the worlds. An indisputable fact is that it doesn’t happen in the real world. Everyone is short on time and living a very busy life, which pushes appointments somewhere in the corner of the mind. Now, what can you do about that? You can send emails and SMS reminders.

Sending email and SMS reminders is a powerful source of communication. This is a proven road to choose for reminding clients about meetings, appointments, payments, and updates. The reason is around 5.16 billion people in the world have a phone. Almost 3.50 billion people in the world own a smartphone. On average, people check their phones 58 times a day. For an entire day, people have their phones in their pockets, so they cannot ignore the ring or vibration of the phone for longer.

Before telling you how email and SMS reminders are helpful, let us tell you some stats about SMS and emails.

  1. Text messages have an almost 98%opening rate.
  2. Around 80% of people are using SMS for business texting.
  3. About 90% of the text messages are read in around 3 minutes.
  4. If your business offers an SMS service, then there are 28%more chances that your customers recommend you to their friends.
  5. Almost 75% of the millennials prefer to receive SMS reminders for appointments.
  6. About 51% of the millennials already get SMS reminders.
  7. Approximately, 9 out of 10 people are happy to receive SMS reminders.
  8. About 64% of the customers have a positive image of your business in their minds if you are communicating with them directly.
  9. The average open rate of emails is 22%.
  10. The average click-to-open rate of emails is 16.23%.
  11. The rate of unsubscribing emails is 0.21%.
  12. 35% of the people prefer emails to receive appointment reminders on email.
  13. Almost 36% of the customers like better to receive prescription refills by email and about 51% prefer them on SMS.
  14. Smartphone users pass around 22% of their time texting and 10% on using emails.

Now, you know why email and SMS reminders have so much weight. Email and SMS reminders are a great source to serve your consumers. Customers feel that they are getting personalized service and thus, your aim of better customer experience gets fulfilled.

Do you know that around 75% of the customers are ready to spend more to get better customer service? Out of that, almost 89% of the consumers are probable to switch to a competitor for better customer service.

SMS Reminder

As now you have understood the importance of email and SMS reminders. Let’s understand how you can use them for your business.

1. Send Payment Reminders

Online billing has gained huge traction in the recent time. Along with this, the need for notice to pay on time has also intensified. Start redirecting email and SMS reminders to your customers so that they don’t ever forget about paying. Make them feel valuable by offering this personalized experience and gain more customers with reference.

2. Appointment Scheduling and Reminding

Calling customers to remind them about appointments can be costly and time-consuming. A shortcut is sending email and SMS reminders without burning a hole in your pocket. Even your customers may prefer email and SMS reminders over calls. You can even schedule an appointment over text and cancel that over text only. As easy as it sounds!

3. Build A Strong Relationship With Clients

To retain customers and get business from them repeatedly, connecting with them is necessary. Offering personalized service also plays a sound role in customer retention and gaining customer loyalty. Email and SMS reminders take a little manual work and work wonders. Your clients feel valued and respected when you give them special attention using SMS or emails.


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