Why Email and SMS Marketing Campaigns are Gaining Value?

Times have gone when you had to paste pictures everywhere and broadcast an ad on television for brand awareness, customer retention, and acquisition. Today, companies have so many options for marketing that choosing anyone is not less than solving a brain-storming puzzle. One of the most marketing trends is email and SMS marketing. Some of the marketers may prefer SMS marketing and some may prefer email marketing. But the fact is both are beneficial in their own ways and complement each other, hence you can combine both the marketing strategies and leverage benefits.

Combination of email and SMS marketing is a powerful strategy to enhance brand engagement, customer engagement, customer acquisition, and brand awareness. SMS marketing can be used when you want to deliver information in a precise manner. While email marketing can be used to deliver detailed and creative information with pictures, newsletters, infographics, etc. Both have their own benefits and power, so nothing can be left behind.

SMS Marketing

With over 3.5 billion mobile users across the world, SMS marketing is gaining huge traction among marketers. SMS marketing campaigns are planned when you need to share shorter and snappier information. SMS are generally brief, immediate than emails, and targeted at mobile users. That means SMS marketing can cover a wide demographic landscape. SMS has a higher open rate and a better way for customer engagement. SMS marketing is also inexpensive, so opting for it is not going to break your bank.


Email Marketing

Emails allow you to offer content in a personalized manner to provide more value to your customers. You can tailor your emails as per customer actions to make every email interesting for them. Getting feedback, sharing newsletters, conducting surveys, and much more can be done using email marketing campaigns. Emails are cost-effective, engaging, and still alive with more than 3.9 billion users. Do you still think that emails are outdated? Let us guide you better.

  • About 93%of the B2B marketers use emails for distributing their content.
  • 40% of B2B marketers give a greater share of campaign success to email newsletters.
  • A report mentions that by 2024, there will be around 4.48 billion email users.
  • Around 99%of consumers check their emails regularly.

The amalgamation of Email and SMS Marketing

Here are a few ideas to make a combination of email and SMS marketing work better than ever.

  1. Redirect More Personalized SMS

Email marketing can be used to collect data through CTA or web forms. You can use this data to offer prospects and customers more personalized and targeted SMS.

  1. Follow-Up to Emails

Send promotional emails to your audience first. Then, use SMS to prompt them about time-restrictive offers, last-minute deals, and discount codes.

  1. Restore Lost Contacts and Accounts

People can change their email address or sometimes their mobile numbers. Use SMS to obtain customer’s new email addresses to continue connecting with your audience through email marketing. And vice-versa, use emails to get new mobile numbers to continue sharing information through SMS marketing campaigns.

  1. Witness Better Conversions

Email marketing campaigns and SMS marketing campaigns have a different conversion rate. But a combination of both can raise your conversion rate even more.


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Both email and SMS marketing campaigns have their own strengths. Combining the strengths of both marketing campaigns can strengthen communication and your outreach with a more positive impact on your customers. Don’t make this mistake of giving attention to only one campaign, instead combine your resources and see your business growing dramatically.

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