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Why Daily Work Monitoring of Your Team Members is Necessary?

You focus on your growth before becoming a leader. After becoming a leader, you have to focus on other’s growth. You have to be the fuel of your team to achieve great results and higher team productivity. Some team members can do great work proactively, while some may need a little push. To figure out the amount of push one may require, you need to include employee activity and time tracking in your best practices.

Now, the most obvious question that may strike in most of the minds- How can I possibly track employee work on a daily basis? Here are a few things that to help you in daily work monitoring of your team members.

1. Watch Them Work

Nothing can satisfy you better than witnessing your team working enthusiastically in front of your eyes. You can just walk around on the floor to monitor them and help them if anyone is struggling with something. A small work making your team member go all out can impact the entire day’s productivity. Guide your team members, shadow them if needed, and spare no effort in helping them. This is what a good leader does. Don’t forget to interact with everyone while walking around; else, you may feel like a stalker to them.

2. Encourage The Use of Self-Monitoring Tools

Your work can be load off to a great extent if your team members start monitoring themselves. Everyone should know how much work is done and how much is still left. To do this, you may need a task management tool wherein you can allot work and deadlines to the team members. From task management software, they can see the deadlines of work, analyze their performance, and strive to complete the entire task. Knowing deadlines accelerates work pace and productivity along with giving team members a chance to monitor their speed & performance.

Encourage The Use

3. Do Time-Clocking

Make use of your 8-hours fully without letting any minute slip. To make use of those 8-hours, everyone should be on time. And being a leader, it’s your responsibility to clock everyone’s time. Track the time of everyone’s arrival and departure. Make sure no one is late every time, and no one leaves before time unnecessarily. Every minute is counted in productivity. You need to make sure that your team members have this good habit of being punctual.

4. Keep A Tab On Attendance

One of the most important factors worth considering is team attendance. Keep a record of every team member’s attendance to distribute workload equally and accomplish all your tasks before the deadline. Employee attendance can help in measuring performance metrics and appraising them. Being a manager already means a lot of work, and above that, this one more work of daily work monitoring. A great way to keep an eye on employee attendance is through the use of the software.

Keep A Tab

If you have already started looking for a tool to record the attendance of team members, then you can assuredly consider using FinCRM. It is CRM software with an in-built office manager to help you record sales and daily work monitoring of team members. Record arrival and departure time, activities, & worksheets through CRM software and review every work done by team members on a daily basis.

Daily work monitoring can save you from killing a lot of time in unnecessary works and help you increase productivity in the first place. Productivity is directly proportional to revenue growth, and who on this earth doesn’t want to grow ROI. So do the simple task of implementing FinCRM and keep growing.

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