Tips to Never Forget A Meeting Again

An estimation by scientists claims that humans can store up to 2.5 million gigabytes of information. But no wonder many people forget things so easily, after all, it’s the human brain. Forgetting things is normal, but not acceptable, especially when it’s about your professional life. Meetings, deadlines, and appointments are a very crucial segment of your professional life. You can be very sure that you will turn up for a meeting or appointment, but then you don’t or show up late.

Before you develop a reputation of always being late for meetings and impact your productivity negatively, do something about it. Planning for a meeting or appointment in advance is paramount. How would you feel if you organize a meeting and someone is late or doesn’t show up because he/she forgot about the meeting? Annoying, right? Same feeling people may experience because of you. Do you want that?-Absolutely not.

Don,t Forgot Meeting

How normal is it to forget meetings and appointments?

As we earlier told you, forgetting is normal, but yet not acceptable. A human mind has thousands of thoughts in a day, so it is human to forget things. But forgetting important meetings and appointments can turn down your reputation in your workplace. Forgetting is not just an excuse, but a principal cause of bringing your product to the ground.

What will be your reaction if I tell you that you can change this habit and never miss a meeting or appointment? Yes, the world is moving without stopping and we want you to march at the same pace. So, here are a few ideas that you can implement to never forget or be late for a meeting again.

  1. Set an Alarm

Every phone has an alarm clock on it. Most of us use them to get up on time. But have you give it a thought to use an alarm for reminding you about a meeting or appointment. Have a follow up at 5 PM? Set an alarm for 5:55 PM so that you can prepare yourself in these 5 minutes. Don’t forget to name your alarm or else you may forget the reason for setting alarm.

Alarm setting

  1. Pen Down The Meeting or Appointment

Have you ever thought that you can use your to-do list to remember meetings and appointments? Yes, you can do that too. Put down important events on a to-do list a night before the meeting so that you already know where to hit the ground. You can even pen down meetings & appointments on sticky notes and paste them on your desk. It will be in front of your eyes creating fewer probabilities of you forgetting about any important event.

  1. Put It On A Reminder

Alarms are good if you have just one meeting or appointment. But for weekly or monthly meetings, reminders are best. Set a reminder on your phone and set repetitive frequency. Even if you forget to set an alarm for weekly or monthly meetings, then you are not going to forget or be late by just doing this one-time task.

  1. Mark The Meeting or Appointment On Your Calendar

Most of us undervalue calendars but for meeting reminders, they are great. Whenever you get a notification of a meeting, don’t pass go. Immediately put it down on your calendar. You can even set events for your entire month and relax back about forgetting anything. You can also see if two events are overlapping.

Make Appointment

The question must be where to get a calendar that reminds you of everything. Especially, when you are not the one who keeps checking the phone every time or your institution doesn’t allow mobile phones on the floor. FinCRM is your one-spot CRM solution for every office issue. You can set reminders in its calendar and it reminds you prior to your meeting through pop-ups. It is a CRM solution for your marketing & sales department and can also be used by other teams as an office manager. You can use it here and experience the change.

So, here you go. You got so many good ideas to turn up for meetings on time. Now get up and put in your punctuality shoes. A few changes and reminders can change your entire persona in your office. Try the one you found good or try all of them and best of luck.

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