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The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of CRM for the Education Industry

Every sector across the globe has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The education sector is also severely affected by this. However, the outbreak of pandemic has taught everyone that change is inevitable. Working as a catalyst, the deadly virus forced many educational institutes to grow and adopt technologies that were not used previously. One such technology is Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), which can attract, retain, and serve their students. Educational institutes can perform various operations such as sending marketing campaigns, generating customized reports, and storing every student’s information, thereby having the edge over the competitors.

What does CRM means for your institute?

You may have a basic idea of a CRM, but understanding exactly what it can do for your institution needs some thorough research. This fantastic powerful tool provides a wide range of applications to help you manage and interact with leads, along with a variety of different features. You can also leverage the in-built tools such as SMS and email marketing, lead management, calendar, and task management to develop more robust and more personal relationships not just with prospective and current students but also with the alumni.

For your better understanding, we have compiled a list of some of the benefits of education CRM that empower you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. So, let’s get started and see why CRM software for school management is the best tool.

Educational Admissions

Manage the Complete Admissions Pipeline

Through school CRM software, you can manage the entire student admission lifecycle from one single platform. You can streamline your admissions pipelines by identifying and recruiting the best candidates, thereby engaging them more successfully and improving enrollment results. In this way, every student detail will be tracked and stored for further operations such as

  • The course and curriculum to which the learner is accepted.
  • The full details of batch & roll no. of the student
  • Academic documents of students
  • Other duties that are required to complete the process of admission.

Track Every Potential Lead

The increased utilization of the internet has made the students more aware of their surroundings. They can now gather information about their dream universities as well as compare different them with others. Now the question comes into your mind: how would you know which student is searching about your institutes? How to track that particular student? The integrated tracking tools available in the college CRM software aid you in tracking leads through multiple sources, including marketing campaigns (SMS, email, and print), invitations to online and offline events. Along with this, you can track those websites in which students frequently search the institutions. This enables smarter marketing budget planning and allocating resources to the most effective marketing campaigns.

Student Enquiry

Seamlessly Handle Student Inquiries

Students can have many inquires related to courses, faculty, facilities, departments, etc. It gets challenging to manage all these inquires and respond to each of them. But, having versatile CRM software for the education industry can solve this. The software keeps a record of every interaction with the student and based on this, and you can answer their inquiries and do follow-ups smoothly. By doing so, you can enhance the communication process between your academic institution and the student.

Streamline Teacher Evaluations with CRM

A well-trained and qualified teacher helps the student learn and achieve their goals. Students are ready to face any challenge when they have great teachers as their support. But, how do you find capable teachers?  The education CRM software can help you eliminate paper processes and increase consistency for the teacher certification and other career-related processes. Furthermore, by streamlining your tasks, you can devote resources to find and employ the best and brightest teachers for your institute.

Supervise Fee Payments and Reminders

Every educational institute requires a useful fee management tool to run their finance operations smoothly. They also need to keep a record of every transaction. This is where CRM software for education industry comes into the picture. The software helps you automate the fee payment process to avoid discrepancies and human errors for hassle-free operation. Furthermore, you can monitor and store all the transaction details in one place.

Build Long-Lasting Alumni Networks

Alumni from your educational institutes will help students determine their career goals and provide critical networking connections to help transition from graduation to jobs and raise funds. CRM software for school management equips you with the tools your institutes need to handle the alumni community’s personal relationships and networks. You can obtain useful knowledge about your donors with marketing automation, and build long-lasting relationships.

Enhance Student Life Cycle Management

Student Lifecycle Management commences with enrollment. When a student is enrolled, the retention process revolves around monitoring student progress. A student who graduates and becomes an alumnus is the final stage. Take advantage of school CRM software to reach out and engage with them across all student experience touchpoints. Enrich their experiences by building customized contact networks that provide meaningful results for you to make informed decisions.

Customized MIS Reports

Create and customize real-time reports for students, teachers, and employees and analyze the organization’s success with CRM. It will provide you with actionable perspectives and a 360-degree view of your organization for smooth task management.

Parting Slot

Each school is distinctive and has its own process of admission and lead generation. In the end, without leaving a hole in your wallet, you need a college CRM that suits your specific method. It’s a painful implementation to introduce or even replace a CRM, but if you map your criteria beforehand and find the right software provider, you might break your enrollment records.

If you are looking for CRM software to help with the efficient management of your institution’s soaring number of clients, you can choose FinCRM and select a plan that best suits your business needs.

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