The Journey of a Lead to Opportunity

There is no telling how long you will have to run while chasing a lead. Some leads convert easily into an opportunity and then customers, while some leads take longer than others. For different leads, you may have a similar process, but you have to follow different strategies. There are two types of buying customers. One who came to your shop, liked your products, and bought it without looking for more options. Other one is the kind of buyer who has already visited many shops before yours and still exploring to find out where to buy. You daily come across both types of people and put a little harder effort to convince the latter type of customer.

Let us go through every stage a lead crosses to become an opportunity and see how can you close deals faster.

  1. Hoard Leads From Various Channels

At the beginning of the journey, you don’t know who is going to be in your pocket. You just capture details of various people from different channels and marketing campaigns. In this stage, your leads are stranger to you and you don’t know which doors are you going to knock & who is going to let you in.


While generating leads, if you are doing it manually, then your journey is going to be very long. Automatic lead generation is the shorter way but not many people have recognized it yet. Be the wise one and choose the road of automatic lead generation so that you can get as many leads in your account. The more leads you have, the more business you can get.

  1. Hand Over The Right Leads To The Right Employee

After you have a multitude of leads, you need to allocate them to several employees, who are ready to work on them. Everyone should get an equal amount of work so that no one is free or under the piles of work. This is how a systematic and good lead management process goes. Research shows that enterprises that automate lead management witness around a 10% increase in revenue over 6–9 months.

If you have been doing it manually until now, then you have already wasted a lot of your time. Passed time never comes back. But you can still use the remaining time to the fullest through a tool to manage leads. Use CRM software, like FinCRM, to efficiently run your lead management process. You will be surprised to see that everything has been done with merely a few clicks.

  1. Offer Personalized Experience to Every Lead

This is the stage, where your sales team is going to be the face of your business in front of those leads. So, the first thing that you need to do is to provide the best training for your salespeople. Unfortunately, there is no script, which can turn every lead into an opportunity. But thankfully, one strategy that goes with any type of sale is sounding human. People are not going to put their money in you and get your product/service unless you are a vending machine.

Your sales team should sound human, understand the requirement & pain-point of the prospect, and treat him accordingly. Your salesperson should ensure every prospect that your service/product is a good fit for their needs. You should focus on timely follow-ups and reminders. You cannot force someone to buy from you, but your human sound, good words, convincing strategy, and on-time follow-ups can do the trick here. Your good service and lead handling can result in a referral. Research has shown that around 83% of people can comfortably refer to someone after a positive experience.

  1. Get Result of Your Efforts

Here is the time when either you can hear a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ from your lead. Yes means you got your opportunity and no means you got to learn. Not every lead turns into an opportunity and that is the part of every business. Optimize your strategies keeping in mind the reasons that resulted in the lead loss.

After converting your lead into opportunity, don’t relax back. They have just said yes but not handed over the money to you. Your deal is not closed until the money is in your hand. Opportunity nurturing is equally important as lead nurturing. If you have reached here, put in even more effort to push this opportunity until the end of sales pipeline.


This was the entire journey of a lead to an opportunity. Your business may have some more steps in between because not every business runs in the same way. The entire journey may sound a lot of work but with the help of CRM software, you can save your efforts & time and convert more leads. You can use emerging, industry-best FinCRM for automatic lead generation, lead management, opportunity management, and much more. Here is the link to try it for free. As you already know everything about the journey of a lead to opportunity, let’s get to work.

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