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Take Advantage of Marketing Automation to Handle More Leads

Marketing automation can help you streamline and, more crucially, automate your day-to-day marketing tasks. As a result, time and money are saved. A marketing automation software is worth investing in, which serves a much broader purpose. Here are some tips for using marketing automation to your advantage.

  1. Use Every Channel To Track Your Leads

Your prospects are on every channel, whether they’re on social media, exploring the web, or attending events. It’s critical to keep track of every interaction your prospect has with your organization, regardless of channel. Because relevant content is the number one strategy to keep a prospect engaged with your organization, this will assist improve sales.

Use native engagement platform capabilities like predictive content, web personalization, digital ads, and triggered emails. These capabilities will help you engage your leads with a timely, relevant, and personal message while collecting data on their interaction (or lack thereof) with your message or content.

  1. To Get Sales-Ready Leads, Use Lead Scoring

Your company’s sales team has most likely grumbled about not obtaining qualified leads at least once. It might be difficult to tell whether a lead is ready to buy, but a marketing automation tool can help you out. Lead scoring is a system for assigning points to each of your leads depending on specified criteria, such as a website action they took. This action could be whether or not they have downloaded a specific PDF or completely filled an online form. Also, it can assign points based on demographic data, giving better scores to leads that share many of your target buyer’s qualities.

You can use a certain score as a criterion for when to pass sales-ready leads to your sales team. Lead scoring is incredibly beneficial to sales teams since it allows them to focus more time and effort on the most qualified leads rather than those that aren’t worth much.

  1. Practice the Lead Nurturing Technique

Not all leads are ready to be sent on to your sales staff right away. Lead nurturing comes into play in instances like this. It can be used to change a cold lead into a hot lead.

When you combine lead nurturing and segmentation, the information you send to each of your prospects becomes more personalized and targeted. As a result, without being overbearing, you will encourage them to become sales-ready.

There are three stages in a sales funnel: awareness, consideration, and purchase. Many leads enter the sales funnel, but only a tiny percentage of them convert. You can monitor ROI and plan your next campaign with the help of marketing automation technology.

  1. Segment Your Lead Nurturing

All marketing leads would be sales-ready in a perfect world. However, most leads aren’t ready yet and require more nurturing before being sent on to sales. You can deliver personalized material to each lead via segmented lead nurturing to encourage them to become sales-ready–when they are ready. Lead nurturing can be segmented based on industry, role, or company size.

  1. Implement Multi-Channel Campaigns

You’re more likely to reach a larger section of your target population if you use many channels to communicate with prospects. To assist you to do this, use marketing automation to schedule and distribute email, social media, SMS text messaging, video, and other initiatives.

You can spread the release of these adverts out across several days and times to maximize the number of individuals who see them. Furthermore, owing to artificial intelligence, marketing automation software will usually recommend the best days and times to increase your reach and response rates.

  1. Enhance Productivity

With all of the automated sales and marketing duties in place, your teams’ productivity should skyrocket. When you’re putting your sales and marketing automation technologies in place, make sure your teams aren’t expected to complete things that can be done for them. Your sales teams can focus on the tasks that require a human touch, especially as you approach closer to closing the transaction, now that all of the leads have been collected, validated, and nurtured.

  1. Focus On Your ROI

Consider which tasks bog down your staff daily and automate those first when employing automation. Allow your salespeople to focus on completing deals while automation prepares their leads for success. If you choose the correct sales and marketing automation solutions, they can save you a lot of money. You’re already ahead of the game if you can accomplish significantly more with fewer resources in less time. The fact that you will not have to spend a lot of money will help you to boost your return on investment.

  1. Equip Your Sales Team with The Right Information

An effective sales plan necessitates follow-ups with sales-ready leads. However, this must be done correctly, which involves sending the correct message at the correct time. The marketer’s job is to provide sales with relevant information so that they may convey a targeted message. Before handing this information on to your sales team, you must first maintain track of your prospects’ interactions with your company.

  1. Email Marketing for Increased Conversions

It might be time-consuming and inefficient if you don’t use email marketing appropriately. In order to keep your prospects interested, you must optimize your email marketing plan. They must open your initial email, click the links, and then continue to open the subsequent ones you send. Marketing automation can assist you in personalizing each email and therefore enhancing your marketing efforts. Make sure your marketing emails are optimized for interaction in every manner possible; keep titles short and action-oriented, use responsive email layouts, and test your embedded calls to action.

Wrapping up

Your marketing and sales teams may be exceptional at gathering and converting prospects. On the other hand, marketing automation solutions can assist them to improve personalization, expedite qualification, and magnify dialogues. These features can increase the number of leads in your pipeline and help you build a closer relationship with your customers.

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