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Rising Need For A Reliable Document Management System

A good document management system is a critical part of any business. You get all your documents related to the organization archived in one place. An organization, since its inception, produces loads of data and stores it in the form of documents throughout its life. One of the reasons behind successful business management is an efficient document management and easy access to those documents.

A report states that around 7.5% of all documents go missing, and almost 3% of documents get misfiled. If this is happening to you, you will be wasting worth $120 of time finding a single lost document. If you don’t waste time finding but recreating lost documents, you are wasting time worth $220.

Many organizations still have doubts that do they need a formal document manager? Well! Yes, you need one. You are going to generate a massive amount of data throughout the organization’s life that you won’t be able to organize and access without a document manager in place.

You may say that you have stored all your documents in a storeroom or filing cabinet. Wait a minute! Are you running your business from a storeroom? Of course not! You should immediately jump from a paper data management system to a digital document manager. By doing this, you can save a lot of your time, money, and of course, papers.

document management system

Why should you opt for a digital document management system?

A digital document management system is important because this is the time when everything is done digitally. You and the people around you generate more digital data than ever before. Are you going to pen down that entire digital data on papers and increase your workload? A smart business won’t do that. Instead, one will implement a digital document management system and keep that data stored for as long as required.

Do you know how much digital data is generated? Let’s have a glimpse.

Estimations state that at the dawn of 2020, the digital universe comprised around 44 zettabytes of data. Just to give an idea, a zettabyte has 21 zeroes, or we can say, 1,000 bytes to the seventh power. The number of bytes at the start of 2020 was 40 times greater than the number of stars in our observable universe. That’s huge, isn’t it? This data is most generated by social media sites, automakers, media facilities, financial institutions, shopping platforms, etc.

It is expected that by 2025, around 463 exabytes will be created every 24 hours globally. Exabyte is 1018, which means one with 18 zeroes. That’s too much for 24 hours. It is said that the words were spoken by humankind ever equals 5 exabytes. Yes, just 5 exabytes.

a glimpse

Now, you must have an idea of how the digital document manager is important in the long run. Many people store business documents in hard drives or their systems. Do you feel that it is safe there? Even some of the cloud storage service providers can scan and read your data, even important & private ones. Even sharing documents online can expose your data to an unintended audience.

What should you do in such circumstances? You need a simple, secure, budget-friendly, and tech-savvy document management system—a document manager, which can be sourced by only required people and have an immediate impact.

Hence, we have presented FinCRM to cater to all your business needs, including the document management system. This is a CRM software-cum-office manager. This CRM software not only offers a document management system, but you get numerous other tools in it, including daily work managertask managerlead managersales report generatorautomatic lead generator, and much more. You can enjoy your free trial here and see how spectacular is this CRM software. And yes, most importantly, no one can access your data from here, even not the provider. Document sharing can also be done within the CRM software so that you don’t have to expose the documents to the internet.

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