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Remote Working with FinCRM, Business From the Comfort of Your Home

For the sake of protecting the health of employees from COVID-19, businesses are compelled to take quick measures and run the entire business remotely. But remote working comes with its own set of unique challenges without viable resources. Organizing an entire team and organization is not an easy drink to gulp. Considering this, people are searching for digital resources that they can use to keep their entire workforce on the same page.

A CRM solution, like FinCRM, is a good place to start when you all are not in the office. FinCRM helps you ensure that all your employees are working with their potential even from home. This feature-packed CRM software is just more than a CRM; it is your office organizer also. So from now, even your reporting process is also going to witness a shift from in-office card swiping or thumb scanning to logging in & out within CRM software.

Here we go to understand how FinCRM is the best choice to start remote working

start remote working

Schedule Meetings and Notify Teams From FinCRM

As you cannot hold a meeting in the office due to COVID-19, you must have opted for video conferencing. But notifying the required employees about meeting needs to be done by calling or messaging them every time. That’s why we are bringing FinCRM to ease out your notifying process. Schedule a meeting in CRM software, add attendees to let them know, and you are done. As simple as it sounds. So the next time, you need not message anyone and keep on checking if they have seen your message or not. All meeting notification work is on a CRM solution after you deploy FinCRM for remote working.

Don’t Miss Follow-Ups Even From Home

In the comfort of your home and family gifted by COVID-19, you may forget about your upcoming follow-up. Or sometimes, between handling deals and monitoring tasks, a follow-up can slip out of your mind. FinCRM has a solution to this as well. Schedule a reminder for follow-up in the calendar within CRM solution and leave to remind you about this on FinCRM. At the scheduled time, a reminder will pop-up, and here you go for the follow-up. From even your home, you will not miss any deal, just by using a simple CRM solution.

Get A Collection of New Leads At Home

It was easy in the office to get the leads and distribute them among employees. It is now even easier from home with FinCRM. Integrate all your online channels with CRM software, and numerous leads get captured in your system. The times had gone when you had to dig out leads by exploring each channel. Now, a CRM solution can catch bountiful leads while you make a coffee. And while sipping your coffee, you can distribute those leads to the right employee.

Leverage Centralized Prospect/Customer Information

Some people must be going through a mess in this lockdown as they have all their data in the office system. These are the people who didn’t know or ignored the importance of a CRM solution. But you got a resolution for remote working, and that is FinCRM. Store all your data in CRM software and access it from anywhere. Now you have every prospect’s or customer’s information on your screen, and you can still close this deal. COVID-19 is a worldwide problem but not letting it become your office problem using a CRM solution, like FinCRM.

Track Down Complete Sales Analytics On the GO

Economic recession can keep the buyer’s buying limit within bounds, but you can still try to improve sales at the top of your potential. After this, you need to see how good you have performed, so here are graphical reports of FinCRM to show you your good work. Graphical reports generated by CRM solution are easy to read and understand than any other report presentation format. See each employee’s entire work through graphs and keep motivating them to do even better. The spirit with which you are protecting your staff’s health from COVID-19 by allowing remote working, achieve your goals even in this lockdown with the same spirit.

Track Down

This is just a trailer of the FinCRM’s features. This versatile CRM software is packed with a multitude of peculiar tools to make your remote working easy. Now, if you are planning to get this CRM solution implemented after lockdown, then you can be late. You can start using it from today only by visiting here. Considering the economic recession, this CRM software is not going to drain you out of money. You can even avail a 10% discount on your annual subscription. So go ahead and grab this offer before it is gone. FinCRM is immensely capable of making your business-ready for today and the future.

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