Losing Leads? Here Are A Few Tips To Raise Sales

A strong sales team is undoubtedly the result of your hard work and proficiency. But with everything on your palm, you may still be losing prospects and struggling to increase your sales. A year-by-year steady sales growth is paramount to survive and thrive in this competitive market. The moment of losing a big deal can provoke the typhoon of mixed sensations. But you can turn this loss into a lesson and roll up your sleeves for boasting your next big deal.

To help you do that, we have compiled a list of ideas that can move your sales-forward and convert your business into a brand.

business into a brand

1. Figure Out What Your Leads Want

Before jumping over tides, you need to understand your tides. Similarly, before selling something to your audience, you must know your audience and their needs. How would it be like if you are looking for apples and someone hands you over oranges? Disappointed, right? If your lead is looking for something that you have, then try your best to persuade them. But if you don’t serve the needs of your prospects, then don’t try to bluff them. Instead, tell them that you are available for them in the future and invest that time in persuading another lead. Understand, someone buys a loan when he/she needs a loan. No one gets money unnecessarily from the bank to pay back with interest in the future.

2. Build Relationship With Your Existing Customers

Consider your existing customers more important to boost your sales. These are the people who are already inclined to put money in your pocket. You have already figured out their needs & serving them, and they also trust you more than any other brand. Your excellent customer services have primed them to continue with you. Existing customers are your asset to pass down your business by word of mouth. We are already familiar with the fact that people trust the suggestion of friends/family more than any advertisement.

3. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

In accordance with reality, you are not the only one passionate about selling to more leads and growing your business. But you can take the edge off by estimating your strengths and weaknesses and using them to grab more leads. Your sales call may echo with the sounds telling you that your competitor is offering better services. Here your estimation of your strengths is going to be helpful. Tell your customers the services that you only offer in the market, which can ring their brain bells to choose you over your competitor. Knowing your brand holds equal importance along with knowing your leads.

Know Your Strengths

4. Use The Right Tool To Capture Leads

The B2B marketing expert The Mezzanine Group states that B2B firms mostly spend around 2%-5% of their gross revenue on marketing. This marketing budget is split between brand activities and lead capturing. But in our suggestion, you can save a bit of it by implementing the right lead capturing tool. Today, the market is full of software that can solve your many problems, not just lead capturing. One of such tools is FinCRM, which captures leads automatically for you. Such CRM software can save you a lot of time and provide you high conversion rate.

5. Keep Nurturing Leads Throughout The Journey

The journey of converting a lead into a customer is full of peaks and valleys. But your sales team, anyhow, put in all the efforts to lead them to the way, which persuades leads to choose your product and service. You have a chance to lessen their difficulties by nurturing your leads through email and SMS marketing. Once you have the email address of the prospect, you should keep contacting them through email/SMS marketing campaigns. Nurturing leads can be a winning hit if you are doing it using the right software. Here again, FinCRM is of great use for carrying out marketing campaigns. You even get to see the performance of your marketing campaigns through graphical reports in this CRM software.

6. Make A Habit of Requesting for Feedback

Your lost prospects are still not lost. You can still use their feedback to stay top of mind for your next prospects. Why did you choose another firm over ours? What lacked from our side that changed your mind? What can we improve in our services not to lose a prospect like you again in the future? These are a few questions that you should ask and take every feedback with any tone positively. After all, Ken Blanchard has said that Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

Make A Habit

From these facts, one may conclude that no one likes to lose leads, but everyone has to deal with it. It still depends on you how you take that loss- to grow or to go mad. You can learn big lessons from this gut-wrenching experience and proudly hold the title of the winner by learning from those lessons. Whenever you lose a deal, don’t just overlook it and move on. Implement the above-explained ideas and make way for new blockbuster sales opportunities for this quarter.

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