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Leverage FinCRM’s Lead Management Module to Win More Customers

In today’s world of the internet and technology, customers have a plethora of options and access to information when choosing which software to use for their business needs. With so many choices available, a business owner wants software that not only understands his/her company’s needs but also looks after his/her customer relationships. CRM Software is one of the most popular business tools used to attract and retain customers. Today, there are various types of CRM software. But, FinCRM is the best choice for your business.

As a versatile CRM software, FinCRM has a well-defined Lead Management module and practical customer support functionalities. It assists you in reaching the pinnacle of your market growth, from lead generation to after-sales support, as well as outstanding customer service support. Before we go further, let’s first understand what lead management is?

So, what is lead management?

refers to a collection of methodologies, processes, or practices for generating new potential business clients through various sales and marketing campaigns. It is an essential strategy for helping businesses to track and optimize the entire sales process. It also helps your team to manage leads in one place. Lead management is entirely possible and easily manageable by CRM. In this way, you can optimize your sales and marketing efforts and close more deals.

 The Role of FinCRM in Your Business

  • Smooth Automation for Lead generation

FinCRM provides automated functionalities for managing your sales team’s manual and repetitive work. Automatically forms are filled out with customer information along with other information, which is stored in the cloud-based CRM software database, and that can be accessed and modified at any time. This automation enables your team to add contact information to a lead as soon as it is registered. As a result, this significantly reduces overall lead response time while ensuring no leakage.

Thus, your sales team will be able to create customized marketing campaigns to target each prospect, which gives a feel-good factor and a more positive effect on the client regarding your company’s strategies.

Automation for Lead generation

  • Avoid Lead Leakage

It is challenging to generate leads. And, it won’t be easy to convert all of these leads. In such conditions, extreme caution should be exercised to prevent the lead leakage. With FinCRM, you don’t have to worry about leakage. The dynamic CRM software captures leads with zero leakage and stores them in the database for your team to use later.

  • Leads qualification

The FinCRM lead management module assists you in qualifying leads. It helps your sales team focus effectively on leads and determine the required steps to turn the lead into a successful sale or contract. As a result, your team focuses on high-priority leads or deals which are ready to close soon.

Leads qualification

  • Seamless Lead Distribution

Every sales team member is assigned a prospective lead based on area or basic qualifications via FinCRM. The sales manager or admin may set the assignment parameters to give more priority to effective and profitable lead closure. In this way, the lead conversion time will be cut in half, and your sales and marketing teams will be more efficient and focus on closing deals faster.

Furthermore, it also assists in creating customer-specific quotes for desired items and automating currency conversion and discount calculations when submitting approximate product prices.

  • Focus on Conversion From Leads To Deals

The most critical aspect of lead conversion is follows-up, i.e., keeping up with customers and scheduling the next meeting or contact with the client will determine the next phase in your lead tracking status. FinCRM’s SMS and Email reminders can help your sales team plan their day’s work and provide active lead closure. Based on the follow-up conversations, the versatile CRM software helps your sales team sort out interested and dead leads and track them accordingly for further action.

Along with this, your team can store conversations with leads in the ‘stream’ and perform future interactions based on saved follow-up discussions. These streams will assist your team in customizing presentations for each client based on their preferences.

Benefits of Lead Management of FinCRM

  • Increases leads, sales, customer satisfaction
  • Provides centralized database
  • Helps to understand customer’s needs, wants and requirements better
  • Enhances cross-sell and up-sell
  • Improves accessibility
  • Save time and money

Winding up

Lead management aids in the creation of a structured and process-oriented approach to convert a lead into a prospective customer, but simply adopting the lead management process would not be sufficient to increase the company’s revenues. FinCRM is a SaaS-based +office management solution that can provide the company with end-to-end lead conversion and after-sales support. Hence, if you want to maximize your company’s returns and attract more clients, a good CRM Software like FinCRM should be your first option.

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