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Keep Your Financial Data Safe Using These Few Tips

When it comes to your financial data, you will have to agree that keeping that data wrapping in a file somewhere inside your cupboard is not enough. Crucial documents, such as medical directives, wills, living wills, insurance papers, receipts, etc., are especially crucial and don’t just deserve a corner on any shelf. Apart from these physical documents, have you ever thought about your digital assets, such as passwords? You can keep tangible documents on the shelf, but where will you keep your passwords?

We have a few tips for you to follow so that you can keep your financial documents safe.

1. Keep Numerous Copies

You must have heard two heads are better than one. But while speaking about your financial documents, two or more copies are better than one. If you lose one or get that deformed, you have another one to use immediately. Keeping many copies can reduce your frequent toing and froing to the Xerox shops. But remember, no matter how many copies you have, the original document still has its value. You need to keep original documents somewhere safe and intact.

Keep Numerous Copies

2. Protect Important Data in Your Phone

In 2020, 3.5 billion people were reported to own a smartphone. By 2021, this figure is expected to touch 3.8 billion. Do you know what that means? We already have so much important data on our smartphones, such as emails, payment apps, documents, etc. In the coming future, more data is going to be on our smartphones. So you need to take care of your smartphones more than ever. You can choose to keep important data on external storage or cloud storage so that you do not lose your data along with your smartphone. Do you know why we are focusing on smartphones? For your reminder, we get all our emails, OTPs, and other important notifications on our smartphone, through emails or SMS. If you lose your phone, you are risking access to all that crucial & sensitive information.

3. Create Accounts in Multiple Banks and Keep Some Cash Always

It may sound antiquated, but having accounts in different banks is smart. Have you ever thought that you have one bank account that gets compromised, what will you do? You lose it all at once. It’s better to use different bank accounts so that in an unfortunate condition, you are still enough lucky stars. Moreover, always keep some cash with you, at the home, office, and in your digital banks. Even if you lose your money from your bank account, you still are not so down to hire a taxi and reach home.

4. Keep A Digital Back-Up of Documents

Paper documents are easily accessible, but having a digital backup is an unwritten rule. Keeping physical documents intact can be challenging, but this is not the case with digital documents. You need to upload them in cloud-based storage, and you are all done. These documents can be accessed from the internet and can be saved for a longer time. You can invest in a good multifunctional scanner to scan your documents and make them store-ready. This way, you can also make several physical copies to access them at any time.

Keep A Digital Back-Up

Cloud-storage providers can read your files. If you disagree with this, you are turning away from the truth knowingly. If you are storing very sensitive business or financial documents, cloud storage service providers can access them any time they want. Now, how your documents are safe in cloud storage? The answer is simple, by choosing a reliable and secure cloud storage provider. Where can you get that? At FinCRM! This is CRM software developed to cater to all your business needs. You can store any documents in its document manager without worrying about privacy. Unlike other cloud storage providers, no one can read your data in this CRM software besides you. Yes! This is true, and that’s why this CRM software has the most reliable, private, and secure cloud storage.

Being CRM software, you are also getting various features in it, such as automatic lead capturing, revenue forecasttask managermeetings & calendarsknowledge base, and more. Get your free trial here.

These few simple tricks can be your trump card in saving important documents for a longer time. These ideas can help you store documents safely and access them anytime you want. Don’t forget to take a free trial of FinCRM for your document storage and CRM software needs.

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