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Keep Your Business Going Even In the Lockdown Through A CRM Solution

The time that we all are going through has brought about drastic changes in our lives, both personally and professionally. You cannot even venture out of your home due to COVID-19, but you need to keep your business running. Work from home has become a trend in the times of stay home, stay safe. Organizations have realized that they need software, like CRM, to keep their business going from home.

If you and your team are not working anyhow because you do not have any tools or software yet, then there are chances that you may almost touch the bottom in the competition after lockdown. You may not have the idea that CRM software can be very fruitful for your business. We don’t know that till when COVID-19 is going to wreak its havoc on us, but this is for sure that we cannot just sit and wait for the good time to come.

CRM software is gaining much traction these days, as many organizations are aware of its usefulness. GlobalData projects that the CRM applications segment is likely to escalate at a CAGR of around 3.3% over 2023 in India. If predictions are to be believed, India will spend around $2.3 billion on CRM by 2023. These figures are enough to convey the importance of CRM for any organization, be it an SME or MNC.

Let’s find out the answer to the question that must have popped up in many minds- What is CRM?


CRM, an acronym for Customer Relationship Management, is a tool to handle a company’s relationships and communications with its prospects or customers. The basic goal of this handy tool at your disposal is to enhance your business relations quality, improve employee productivity, perk up profitability, and manage sales. You can manage the entire lifecycle of the buying journey, from acquisition to post-sales support. Many CRM software providers offer many other features, like FinCRM, a CRM-cum-office organizer. It is highly recommendable if you are on a tight budget during this lockdown period but still want to grow. You can try it for free here.

You are afraid of losing your business during this global COVID-19 crisis. But now, you got a ray of light to bring back your firm on track without breaking the bank. You must be thinking that how CRM software can provide you with the juices, you require to sustain your business.

Let’s decipher the answer to your question and understand how CRM software can twist your fate in this lockdown season.

Good Enough

1. Good Enough For Work From Home Trend

No one is still able to figure out when the COVID-19 pandemic will come to an end. Predictions also say that it may never leave us like an endemic. So this is for sure that we will have to add staying home in our lifestyles. Recently, Gartner has surveyed around 317 CFOs and Finance leaders and found that almost 74% of them are looking to shift about 5% of their on-site employees to permanently remote positions post COVID-19.

Looking at these circumstances, now or later, everyone will have to deploy CRM software in their operations. Collecting leads, contacting them, initiating marketing campaigns, managing tasks, and analyzing business reports, everything will be done using CRM from home. If you haven’t started using a CRM solution, it’s still not too late. You can still find a CRM solution or just visit (here) to access the industry-best, customizable, and budget-friendly CRM software.

Keep Your Campaign

2. Keep Your Campaign Going From Home

You can stop traveling to the office due to COVID-19, but you cannot stop your work. For campaigning from home, you need access to a CRM solution. Carry out your marketing campaigns to let people know that you are open to business even in this lockdown season and ready to help them. CRM solutions establish your connectivity with customers across various channels from anywhere. With CRM software, you are all set to make your business survive in any pandemic or next lockdown.

3.Calculate the Success of Your Marketing Campaign

After effectuating any marketing campaigns, the next thing most of the marketers want to know is the results of their marketing campaign. Not everyone till now, but almost 35% of the marketers believes that measuring the ROI of a marketing campaign is very/extremely important. CRM software is of great use here because you can see in-depth campaign reports. So, it is an incentive in this lockdown that you can do campaigning and evaluation of that campaign at the same time through a single CRM solution.

Become Less Likely

4. Become Less Likely to Miss Any Lead Even From Home

With everyone working from home, a series of data is being transferred daily. If you are using informal methods for transmitting data, then there are chances that you may lose some or all of that data. But if you are using a CRM solution, then your leads and prospects can safely reach the right person. A good CRM can capture all the quality leads from online channels and present them on your screen without any menial work. You can hold your business in this lockdown before it takes a turn for the worse by simply putting a CRM solution to use.

5. Keep Your Entire Workforce Organized

Many things are likely to get overlooked without in-person meetings or face-to-face interaction. But with CRM software, you can remind the right person beforehand about sending quotes, following up, and contacting leads further. Easily assign tasks to the right employee and keep track of the sales pipeline. FinCRM allows you to automate repetitive tasks without assigning them every time. So you get a lot of work done in lesser time with a CRM solution.

6. Keep A Daily Record of Every Employee Turning Up to Work

Working from home can be easy for associates, but it can turn into a nightmare for a manager in the absence of office resources. As this trend will last for longer, you also need a CRM solution, like FinCRM, which offers you an in-built office organizer with CRM software. By the end of the day, every employee can record their login & logout time, with their task details. It gets submitted to the manager, and he/she can approve or comment on it if required. It is as easy to do as it sounds.

Look Over All

7. Look Over All the Stats When Everything is Said And Done

After everything, you can finally see how much your business has grown in this lockdown through the comprehensive sales report. You get real-time visualizations, customizable dashboards, and various filters to compare individual, team, & organizational performance. Accessibility to the entire data and deep reports at one place reduces the burden of slicing, dicing, viewing multiple spreadsheets. This all is very easy, with a customizable and versatile CRM solution.

versatile CRM solution

The present time is very tough for all kinds of businesses, be it a local shop or the largest organization in the country. But luckily, many of you got a job that can be done from home by simply deploying CRM software. A few more months are going to be challenging for every one of us. So don’t waste your time anymore. Invest in a good CRM, and acquaint yourself with its features to grow now and in the future.

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