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How Social Media is Helping in Lead Generation

The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market “lives” on the web, said Wayne Davis. These can be merely a few words said, but marketers can understand that this statement is true to its core. Your business cannot thrive without leads, and for finding leads, you should know the right place. Shooting arrows blindly in the air doesn’t work in lead generation.

So what do you think, where can you find most of the people in the world? Of course, social media! Let us go through some facts to understand it clearer.

  • At the dawn of 2020, over 4.5 billion people were recorded to use the internet.
  • The number of active social media users has surpassed the 3.8 billion mark.
  • This can be surprising, but about 60% of the population in the world is already online.
  • The number of active social media user accounts is almost 49% of the total internet users.
  • People spend around 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on social media platforms and messaging apps.

Now, you must have got an idea that most of the population is on social media, and the above figures are still growing. So what can be a better place than social media for lead generation? If you are in B2B sales, you must know that LinkedIn generates over 80% of B2B leads out of all social media platforms. And if you are in B2C sales, then for your record, Facebook boasts almost 2.6 billion active users. Other social media platforms also have significant active users; you just need to figure out the channel having your target audience.

You got the place where your target market lives. Your next step is to generate as many leads as you can. Here are a few tips that can help you generate leads on the social media platform.

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1. Optimize Your Social Media Profile

You are striving to get attention on social media, you do everything, but you didn’t spare a chance for your audience to contact you. What will happen? No leads, time wasted, effort wasted. Keep in mind that most of your audience will not search your name on Google and find you out. You have to give them a string to reach you. So, always share a link in your profile through which your audience can contact you. You can mention your phone number, email, a link for FAQs, or a help center. If you are doing well, then chances are you frequently get emails and calls from leads proactively.

2. Create Call-To-Action Buttons

Call-to-action buttons play a huge role in lead capturing. Be it content marketing or social media marketing, call-to-action should be there to direct users towards your goal conversion. Call-to-action tells potential customers which action to take next. You can include more than one call-to-action button on a page. Guide them to sign up, subscribe to the newsletter, get a booking, get a free trial, or anything.

Create Call-To-Action

3. Share Value Using Gated Content

Gated content is content that can be accessed by users only after completing an action. That action can be anything, such as react on your page or post, sharing your page or post, sign up, or more. When they take these actions, then only they can access your content. This way, you are getting their details to reach them in the future. This lead generation strategy can be more effective when you are providing value in the form of content. For an interesting piece to read, users will feel comfortable to share their name and email with you.

4. Use Both Organic and Paid Advertising

Social media gives you a chance to reach a large audience and increase brand awareness. You can generate many leads organically, without paying anything to anyone, and that’s great. But organic is not the dead-end of advertising on social media for lead generation. Spending a bit on advertising can reap even more benefits. You can advertise to the targeted audience on any social media channel by investing a small amount. It is for sure that you can earn far more than what you have invested if you are doing it right.

Organic and Paid Advertising

5. Host Live Streaming Events

Live video marketing is emerging as a bigger part of the video marketing strategy for lead generation. You must have noticed that every social media channel is upgrading to a live streaming bandwagon. The reason is live streaming is an incredible way to grab someone’s attention by scrolling through a social media platform. People are more interested in being a part of something running life, and this can be your lucrative opportunity for increasing brand awareness and lead generation.

You implemented these strategies, and you got a lot of leads. Now, how to manage them? Use FinCRM, as simple as that. This industry-best and versatile CRM software capture all the potential leads from social media platforms at your desk. Investing in CRM software like this can be your best ever stroke to win. From automatic lead capturing to lead management and producing graphical sales reports, this CRM software can lighten a lot of your sales & marketing burden. The best part is you can try this CRM software for free and see how amazingly it works.

Note: Hey! Please share your suggestions and ideas about lead generation from social media platforms.

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