Customer Onboarding Process

Few Tips To Optimize Your Customer Onboarding Process

Customer onboarding is deemed as an inherent part of providing customers good service experience. This is when the journey of a prospect as a customer starts. From this part, your customer retention strategies come into action. An efficacious customer onboarding program can show a blueprint of upcoming success with the company. You have to bend over backward because the onboarding stage is very fragile. Outlining an efficient customer onboarding process can be daunting, but we have listed out a few efficient techniques that you can use and make customer onboarding stress less.

1. Show An Actual Map Of The Journey

Don’t set false expectations from the very start. This may sometimes result in a refund. Show your customers their journey in the very first place and what it will take to reach the end. Tell them the process of onboarding so that they don’t set expectations. Show them the step they are at in the process and how many more steps are still left to go. Motivate your customers to finish the entire customer onboarding process and take the benefits of your product/service. Inform them that they may come across roadblocks while onboarding process (which is possible in many cases), but you are there to help them with everything. By showing helpfulness, you can gain customer loyalty and run your business with them for longer.

Map Of The Journey

2. Break Down The Customer Onboarding Process

First impression is the last impression. Make sure your customer is having a good experience from the first trial only. Don’t tell them a lot of things to do in just one go. Instead, break the customer onboarding process down and let them do everything in parts. If your customer onboarding process will sound too long, then they will probably never return. Don’t overwhelm them. Try to keep steps of the customer onboarding process short and simple. With a list of instructions at the very start, prompt them to do everything one by one. Small tasks feel simpler and less overwhelming to accomplish than larger ones.

3. Prepare Simple Sign-Up Process

Make your sign-up process short and easy. Long, complicated procedures can drive away your customers. Gather only required information at sign-up, additional information can be acquired anytime after sign-up. You can acquire more customers with a two-step sign-up process to accrue basic information about customers. Include more sign-up methods in your customer onboarding process. Allow them to sign-up using personal id, professional id, or Google account. A simple sign-up process with an email verification process can bring you so much information without putting in more effort.

Sign-Up Process

4. Make Them Feel Valued

Customer onboarding process should be as personalized as possible. Starting from here only, you can improve their experience with you and try to retain them for as long as possible. Answer their queries patiently and give them clear instructions on how to use your product. Engage your customers by sending a welcome email, sign-up email, thank you email, instruction guide, etc.

5. Help Your Customers With Short And Precise Demo

When customers get a new product, they are very excited to start using it. They want to learn how to use it but at the same time, they also want to be in command sooner. In such a case, make sure your product demo is short and covers the main points only. You don’t need to tell them the entire story in this part of the customer onboarding process. Also, seeing the product in action through a demo can help them understand more clearly.

6. Be Ready For Customer Support

One of the major blocks of the customer onboarding process and customer retention is customer support. You cannot keep hold of your customers if your customer service is not satisfactory enough. Stay available 24/7 for your customers so that they don’t remain stuck in between the process. Offer multiple options, such as email, live chat, or phone to provide easy interaction. Be patient with them while solving their queries and try to solve each problem without escalating it.

Customer Support

To conclude, you need to take care of your customers from the starting point so that the ending point never comes. Prepare your customer onboarding process in such a way that your customers can easily understand the basics of the product. Leave no scope for query by educating them in a simple and precise manner without losing their patience.

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Note: Good to see you here. If you have more ideas for customer onboarding, share them with us here.

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