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Digging Into The Importance of Follow-Ups

Follow-ups are real game-changers in sales. You don’t know which call or message can persuade your prospect to be your customer. The companies with a sound sales follow-up strategy are boasting their massive revenues. Let us understand by considering that you have a prospect, you pitched well, and the prospect is also interested. But by following up, you couldn’t take it much further. At this stage, almost 44% of the salespeople give up following-up. But if you go a little above and beyond, you can convert this lost prospect into a customer. Around 80% of the sales turn successful after 5 or more follow-ups.

Follow-ups are no magic. This is just a plan to get more clients and close more deals. Many of you may feel that sales follow-ups create a nuisance and back off from following up. This is what you are doing wrong. How? Let us tell you in brief.


Create Relation With Follow-Up Calls

Just counting on promises doesn’t work. You have to build a relationship with prospects to close the deal. For building relationships, phone calls are best. People opt for emails and messages, but who knows, it will be even opened or not. A follow-up call can help salespeople to know how close they are to accomplish the deal are. An average deal requires 5 follow-ups calls, and those 5 calls can lead you to the blockbuster deal of the quarter.

Use Follow-Ups to Gain Trust

For getting money from anyone to close the deal, the salesperson needs to make prospects trust him. A prospect must believe you that his/her money is safe with you and your service/product is for their goodness. The process of trust gaining starts from the very first call and ends nowhere. The more you contact the prospect, the more he will ask questions and trust you. Trust can later turn into customer loyalty and more referrals. But once again, the problem is that only 11% of salespeople ask for referrals. In case you don’t know, referrals can get your business more mileage. Salesperson, including referral requests in their follow-up strategy, can earn 4 to 5 times more.

Minimize Returns Through Follow-Ups

If you are a salesperson, then returns must be scaring you every time. You should answer the questions of prospects earlier and explain to them the use & benefits of the product/service to stay away from returns. With every deal closure, you must go for after-sales follow-up and provide proactive technical support if needed. It will help to build a relationship and increase the faith of customers in you. Ensure customers that you are always there for help and guidance as a friend.

Minimize Returns

The objective behind every follow-up is to close the deal. More effortful follow-ups can result in more closure. Just 5 or 6 follow-ups can extend your sales to 80%. Almost half of the salespeople just give one attempt to any prospect. If you move just one step forward and give it a harder hit, you can achieve bigger. More persistent salespeople will reap greater rewards for themselves.

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