Pipeline Management

Create and take control of your sales pipeline to boost your business growth.


Create a pipeline

An organized pipeline implies a successful team. Now you can have a holistic view of your team members working as you can collate their efforts in the pipeline giving you a clear idea about their progress. When you take control of the pipeline, you can focus on prioritize leads and take action accordingly.


Visualize Your Pipeline

Managing too many numbers and data can become a challenging task if not done properly. FinCRM allows you to visualize the same numbers in a manner that helps you to better understand and analyze the numbers. You can also segregate the pipeline according to the stage a particular prospect or lead lies in.


End-to-End Tracking

With the pipeline, you can monitor your team’s action at each and every stage. You can identify and track important metrics that determine your conversion rates and your team member’s output respectively. This will help you to increase the overall efficiency of your sales process.