Dynamic Entity Creation

Create, edit or remove entities suited to your business’ requirements.


Segregate Your Clients

Your businesses may have varied clientele belonging to different product/service verticals, which may arise the need for segregation of client database for easy handling. Addressing this problem, Fin CRM allows you to create unlimited number of entities according to the needs of your organization.


Multi-Functional Entity Manager

Entity manager allows you to manage all your entities at once. With the ability to create, edit or remove an entity, the power to organize and manage a CRM best suited for your organization, lies in your hands. Customize your entities including its fields, relationships, icons and order of display of contents.


Dynamic Bulk Import

Dynamic Bulk Import feature allows you to import or transfer bulk data into the CRM using a CSV file. No fixed format for the CSV file lifts up the restrictions on field of data categorization. Upload the file and then choose fields to match corresponding existing fields or even create additional new fields.