Cloud Based Document Manager

The most safe and secure document manager to store your important documents.


Tedious Turned Easier

The most tedious job any organization can think of is proper documentation. FinCRM brings this tediousness to an end. Manage any format of documents in our document manager. True to its name, it lets you segregate the media files into pictures, audio or video. It gets even easier with Drag and Drop. Yes, you heard it right!


Authority - Responsibility Relationship

Defining access privileges prevents your data from being tapped by unauthorized users and being used in an unwanted manner.Create a folder and define the access privileges allowed to teams and their users amongst download or upload. Never lets you break the balance between authority and responsibility.


Secure and Available

FinCRM makes sure your documents and trust are secure with us and available whenever and wherever you need it. Unauthorized peeks into your document manager are restricted. Every content on the document manager is uploaded on the cloud only after running an encryption, which provides you the safest bet for placing your documents.